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The Biography is documented in the 2005/2006 edition of 

Great Minds of the 21st Century, issued by  American Biographical Institute (ABI)


Biographical  Entry

ANUASHVILI, Avtandil N. oc/Scientist; ad/Chelomeya, 8-1-422, Moscow 117630, Russia; ed/Doctor of Sciences(prof.), psychology and psychotherapy, 2002; Doctor of Sciences(prof.), physics and engineering,1990; full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, 2003 (Hanover, Germany), Medical Branch, International Academy of Scientific Discovery Authors, 2001; Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2000; position/Co-founder of Institute of applied technologies, 2005 (Germany); Co-founder of International Institute of Management, Psychology and Psychotherapy, 2001 (Poland); Director of the Human Ecology Center, 1996 (Moscow); Chief of «Information Perception Systems laboratory” of the Institute of Control Sciences Russian Academy of sciences, 1990; cw/Author of numerous patents, scientific discoveries, publications including: “Basics of Objective Psychology”, monograph, 2006; “Physical models of a brain and mentality of the person”, 2004; “Relation between a coherency degree of oscillatory processes in two hemispheres of a brain and psychological type of the person”, 2003; “Psycho-physical self-regulation property of a man and law of two hemispheres reflection on the person’s face”, 2002; Method of Psycho-diagnostics and Psycho-correction,  RF  patent, N 2201131, 2001; Method of Detecting a Moving Target Using Background Radiation, US patent N 6,707,488, 2004; “Law of Objects Mobility Display”, International Association of Scientific Discovery, Diploma N 55, 1997; “New Principle of Moving Object Image Reception”, CIS Selected papers: Coherent Measuring and Data Processing Methods and Devices. Volume 1978, pp.147-155, SPIE, Bellingham, Washington, USA, 1993; hon/Awarded: Mikhail Lomonosov  prize and Gold Medal (2007, Russia); Hall of Fame (2007, ABI, USA); Order — Nikolay Pirogov, for outstanding achievements in medicine (2006, Germany); Medal — “Man of the Year” (2005, ABI, USA); Medals – Wilhelm Roentgen, Paul Erlih, Rudolf Wirchow (2003, Hanover, Germany); Honorable Rank “Knight of Science and Arts”, Maximum Award of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2002);  The biography is included in the 2007 edition — «Famous people of Moscow».